Lucy demonstrating my current aptitude with all things DIY.

Back to Basics: Bad Girl 101

When I was younger, I always said I was a “bad girl.” More specifically, I was bad at being a girl. Learning to accessorize was on every New Year’s Resolutions list from 13 to 25, and the prospect of being able to “do” my hair seemed forever beyond my reach.

I grew up, and my priorities changed. I’ve realized I no longer care about those things, or maybe I never did, and they’re by no means the trademark of femininity. Unfortunately, I’ve also realized there’s a whole laundry list of things I could, I should, and I’d like to know, as a girl, as a grown up, and as a part of this earth.

I’ve leaned how to work, how to read, how to write, how to do my taxes and even how to follow a recipe, but the basics got missed. I’ve never learned how to fix a tire, how to hunt, gather or grow my own food, how to sew together a piece of clothing, how to make a fire in the woods or how to bake my own bread. Basically, I’ve learned how to make money and how to pick up the phone or go to the store whenever I need anything – butΒ still have no idea how to take care of myself in a more fundamental way.

And that’s what makes me a bad girl. Because shouldn’t girls – competent, brave, intelligent girls – be able to take care of themselves?

That’s the mission of this project. To own up to my ineptitude, to shake off the need to make projects as beautiful as Pinterest, and to create some self sufficiency. To create, to make, and to grow. To recognize I’m a grown up with no survival skills come the inevitable apocalypse (zombie or otherwise) and do something about it.

Here we go. Square one.

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