On DIY at Christmas

On DIY at Christmas

Every Christmas, I decide I’m going to get crafty. Blinded by Pinterest and Facebook videos that condense 26 steps into 6, I’m sure that this will be the year that I make my own soap, create a beautiful artisanal wreath, and effortlessly put together centrepieces from empty wine bottles and glitter. And then I inevitably get overwhelmed, or maybe perplexed at the amount of stuff that’s required to buy before you can DIY Christmas. So I back out.


But, I love the spirit of DIY at Christmas. I love the idea of simplifying, of using your hands to create stuff rather than buying it. For me, that includes cookies. Every year, my mom and I get together to bake Christmas cookies. They’ve run the gamut from fully festive – snowman-decorated sugar cookies – to the new and hip – potato-chip stuffed cookie, anyone? – because the cookies aren’t the important thing. What matters is that we spend time together, we bake, and we create things that we can give away and spread a little joy (and calories) without buying single-use crafting equipment or creating more waste. That’s Christmas DIY I can get behind. (Though maybe there will be some Bad Girl version of a Christmas tree or wreath next year. No promises.)

This year we kept the cookies simple, and made:

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies with Pecans

Toffee Almond Sandies

Both were delicious. Both have been consumed in more quantities than is appropriate.

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