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Growing vegetables in the Pacific Northwest

Growing Veggies in the PNW: August Check-In

Some TLC. Some mistakes only a beginner would make. No pesticides. A few batches with insufficient watering. Some bugs and mice. Some square foot gardening gone awry. Here’s how everything is doing, three months in. Died: Broccoli Romanesco All of the regular broccolis save one (the caterpillars apparently found them […]


DIY Tortillas

Like all rational people, I love tacos. Perhaps unhealthily so. They’re the perfect food – easy, compact and flavourful. But, while my taco (filling) game was strong, I never bothered with the tortillas themselves. They were easy to come by in a small grocer near my house, so I always […]


Taking Care of Things: Shoe Edition

I’m hard on my things. Not that I’m intentionally destructive, but I don’t give things the TLC they deserve. Dry Clean Only items hang out in the back of my closet for years. Hand Wash items are destined for a short life. And shoes, oh shoes. I did discover the […]

Splitting Wood
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How to split firewood

Chopping firewood is one of those things you assume you know how to do, until you’re out in the cold with an axe and realize you’re in all likelihood about to chop off your leg. Being rather attached to my leg, I turned to the two greatest sources of truth […]


On DIY at Christmas

Every Christmas, I decide I’m going to get crafty. Blinded by Pinterest and Facebook videos that condense 26 steps into 6, I’m sure that this will be the year that I make my own soap, create a beautiful artisanal wreath, and effortlessly put together centrepieces from empty wine bottles and […]

Safety First

8 Things I Learned While Getting my PAL

First up, PAL stands for Personal Arms License. It’s the first step to hunting, or the first step towards being legally armedΒ come the apocalypse. I figured it was a good thing to have for my Bad Girl DIY, even though the only reason hunting appeals is the prospect of hanging […]