DIY Tortillas

Like all rational people, I love tacos. Perhaps unhealthily so. They’re the perfect food – easy, compact and flavourful. But, while my taco (filling) game was strong, I never bothered with the tortillas themselves. They were easy to come by in a small grocer near my house, so I always […]

Check your mushrooms
Forest, Kitchen

Forest to Fork

The whole point of learning to forage (and getting the supplementary reading material) was to be able to safely identify, harvest and eat wild edibles. We put that endeavour to the test when a recent hike on Mayne Island turned out to be a magical fairyland of mushrooms. While looking […]

My first time baking bread

Baking Bread Semi-Terribly

We eat a lot of bread. Love gluten. So why not attempt to make it myself? There is a lot written on the art of bread making. I chose the simplest form, a no-knead bread recipe from Jim Lahey first shared in the New York Times (where it went viral […]

Olive Oil and Maple Granola

The “Best Ever” Granola

My husband is not an effusive guy. So, when he said this granola was the ‘best ever’ it was high praise indeed. I’ve made granola before, but it always seems like too much work (well, more work than Cheerios.) Making up this batch, adapted from Food52 Genius Recipes: 100 Recipes […]

The spices of chai

Fall Chai Latte

When I was a little kid, I hated going to Starbucks. Hated coffee, so hated the smell of the place. The thing that converted me was when they started carrying Chai Lattes. Suddenly my parents’ stops at Starbucks were more bearable, at least between November and January. By the time […]