Taking Care of Things: Shoe Edition

I’m hard on my things. Not that I’m intentionally destructive, but I don’t give things the TLC they deserve. Dry Clean Only items hang out in the back of my closet for years. Hand Wash items are destined for a short life. And shoes, oh shoes. I did discover the […]

Splitting Wood
Forest, Life

How to split firewood

Chopping firewood is one of those things you assume you know how to do, until you’re out in the cold with an axe and realize you’re in all likelihood about to chop off your leg. Being rather attached to my leg, I turned to the two greatest sources of truth […]

The way forward


It’s been a hard week. A hard week for Americans, and a hard week for the world. I’m an optimist with a fairly unshakeable belief that everything’s going to be ok, and that people are fundamentally good, reasonable and empathetic. When things like this happen I get paralyzed by doubt. […]

Bear with me, here's a puppy.

Back to Basics: Bad Girl 101

When I was younger, I always said I was a “bad girl.” More specifically, I was bad at being a girl. Learning to accessorize was on every New Year’s Resolutions list from 13 to 25, and the prospect of being able to “do” my hair seemed forever beyond my reach. […]